Our alligators have stopped eating for the season and won’t start eating again until the spring. You can still see our baby alligators in the welcome center and enjoy the rest of our animals at the zoo. Our baby room is a great way to socialize with some of our babies as well. See y’all soon at the zoo!

Feeding a Gator


Welcome to the East Texas Zoo and Gator Park! Sure, we have dozens of alligators, from hatchlings all the way up to 14 feet long. And yes, our enclosures are designed to be as close to their natural habitat (and you!) as possible.

But… there‚Äôs so much more! We have primates big and small, as well as exotic cats, lemurs, birds, and all sorts of other critters. Our lobby is full of fish, snakes, turtles, lizards, and ferrets. The Duck & Swan Pond is right between two covered pavilions, the perfect spot for a relaxing picnic.


We have a Barnyard, a Baby Room for visiting our newborn animals, and an air-conditioned Welcome Center & Gift Shop. Grab a lunch at the Concession Stand and then head to the dining room where you can enjoy your meal indoors.

We host school field trips, church groups, and other organizations, with educational tours for all ages. The park is even available after hours for your own special events!